17BIT purposeful lack of community for ps4?

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17BIT purposeful lack of community for ps4?

Postby Smoke-Town » Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:30 am

Hi I first want to say I love this game... there are very few games on ps4 that have any sort of critical thinking strategy like this. Thanks for making this game... what I don't understand is why it seems you guys do not want a gaming community to develop? Communication between players is almost impossible. There are no chat options in lobby or in game. Or even commands or taunts.
Also you rarely have any idea of the names of the players in game or which team they are on because there is no profile or game related info. Players names and team affiliation show up for only 2 seconds so if you aren't paying attention between turns you can very quickly miss the name and team... obviously a seasoned player will catch on quickly but still the info should be there to be seen. Apparently there is a button to show teams or some kind of scoreboard button but it only works during your turn...which is stupid with the quick time limits...if anything it should only work when it isn't your turn and have time to view it.
furthermore, there is no list of servers in the player or ranked search. Just randomly throws you into something instead of showing the created games available for both player and ranked matches that should also show how many players. Map. Gametype. Starting rice. And time limit. Which is obviously a better thing to do.
and as if all these clear negatives towards building a community for the ps4 weren't bad enough... you threw in the biggest obstacle yet... you CHOSE not to support the "players met" tool that every game is entitled to. That's not being lazy or running out of coding money for programmers...that's a deliberate attempt to keep people from communicating and probably will end up being the final nail in the coffin for this game at the end of day.

sorry if I seem like a jerk. I just like this game and want to see it saved rather then die. There is a very small player base on ps4 and it grows smaller daily..all you need is some form of simple community support with a competitive edge.
imagine it was illegal to talk to people while playing a board game...well I guess people would stop playing it pretty quickly.
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