[Android] Skulls Anywhere does not work

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[Android] Skulls Anywhere does not work

Postby Eatmyshorts » Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:24 am

Hi all, a couple of years ago I bought this game in a humble bundle. This included the steam bone-a-fide edition and a possibility to download an apk to install it on an android smartphone. Since I have an android for a couple of months I wanted to give it a try on the phone.

Problem: I cannot log into Skulls Anywhere. It always shows "Invalid username/password for skulls anywhere". Tried afterwards on pc with the steam version and the login works fine. Repeated several times on Android to make sure that I had no typo. Even tried creating a new account for Android, but again it said "Invalid username/password for skulls anywhere".
When trying to reset the password it claims that the e-mail address is unknown.

I am not using an add blocker as suggested in this thread http://community.skullsoftheshogun.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=201
Should you be able to see anything, when you call https://api.parse.com in a normal browser? I assume the game won't use the 8080 port?

Could it be that the apk version uploaded on the humble bundle server is not up to date?

Any other ideas? I finished this game on pc and I think having this mobile would give me way more opportunities to actually run asynchronous multiplayer games.

In case the game writes logs somewhere on the phone I will to provide them to you.
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