Help with a unique Audio "Issue"

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Help with a unique Audio "Issue"

Postby SonofKalas » Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:25 pm

Hi, First, before I get to my issue, I just want to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Skulls of the Shogun
as soon as I found out what it was, I bought it, and then as soon as I found out about the multi-player, I bought more copies for friends of mine.

the first thing that struck me was how Absolutely AMAZING the Music was, so of course I bought the Soundtrack as well.
There was just one problem. The OST is way too short for my glutinous ears.

I was hoping Someone who worked on the audio design, or someone who knows how to find the info, could tell me what the exact time stamps for the loop points were.
Just for the seven tracks that were on the ost I bought.
I just want to take the files i bought and loop them the way they are in the game.
that way I could Make them longer for better listening. (Just for Personal use of course).

If anyone has the information, knows how to get it, or knows someone who does. Please, any help would be appreciated.
also if anyone can, could someone pass this message on to the person who did the audio programming
Please, and thank you so much in advance.
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