Cloud Save Synching Issues

While Skulls of the Shogun is an elegant piece of coding magic, there is the .000000002% chance that there are bugs. Get the official list of known bugs, and see what fixes are in store for the title update. If you find one we don't have listed, let us know in here.
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Cloud Save Synching Issues

Postby 17-BIT Billy » Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:55 pm

We will be updating these threads when necessary. If you think you found a new bug with Skulls of the Shogun, check to see if a thread has already been created, and if not, please create a new one.

Cloud Save Syncing Issues
If you run into issues with your campaign progress or manual campaign saves not syncing, you'll want to do a few things to make sure they are transfered.

Windows Phone
Unfortunately, there is an issue with Windows Phones looking like they are connected to Xbox Live but not actually being connected. Go into the Xbox Live app/tile, choose "..." at the bottom, then hit "Refresh". If this works without giving an error, you should be connected fine to Xbox Live.

Windows 8
On the main menu, make sure your Xbox Live gamertag appears in the bottom left. If it says sign in, tap/click that and provide your Xbox Live connected email and password to login.

Xbox 360
If you bring up the guide via the Xbox button on the controller, it should show the normal menu (Friends, Messages, etc.) and NOT "Connect to Xbox Live" If it does, use that option to try and connect.

In any version, to double check you're connected and signed in to Xbox Live, from the main menu, choose Versus, then Skulls Anywhere. If you're not signed in, it will show an error there.

Campaign Progress/Level Unlocks
These are transfered to cloud storage automatically. If you make progress while disconnected, simply start the game connected to Xbox Live, and it will transfer your progress. All progress is merged so you'll see your best level times and total combination of gold skulls.
After starting, give the game 10-30 seconds (worst case, with a very slow network connection, maybe up to 2 minutes). Then restart the game on your other device and you should be able to see the unlocked progress.

Manual Campaign Saves
If you made a manual campaign save (in game via the Pause menu, Load/Save/Restart) while disconnected, start again while connected to Xbox Live. Load the save game (via the Campaign->Load Game menu), and then save it again in the same slot. It should then be transferred to cloud storage, and be available to other devices.
Auto saves are currently not transferred because that would eat up battery life (primarily on the phone). So we didn't want to have them transferred on some platforms and not others, because we thought that might be confusing if people couldn't properly expect when the auto save would or would not be transferred.
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Re: Cloud Save Synching Issues

Postby 17-BIT Borut » Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:34 am

Note, also, when you're start the game on the second device for the first time (especially if it's a phone which takes longer to connect), the game may not display "Continue" as a choice under "Campaign".

Just choose New Game normally and by the time the campaign map loads, you should see the unlocked campaign progress, because it will have downloaded by then.

If not, then make sure you followed the steps in the above post about making sure you're fully connected to Xbox Live.
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