My thoughts on the game, and is there a possible sequel?

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My thoughts on the game, and is there a possible sequel?

Postby Axel231 » Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:58 pm

First of all as the title states I am very curious to know if there has been any word of a full second stand alone game from these developers? (hopefully a shogun skulls game.)

As an avid RTS fan, especially Advanced Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics and the like, this game was a refreshing breeze in my game collection. The art style was great from the character models to the map (reminded me of an old school Mario overworld) it is colourful, but not just in the art in the humour as well.

My criticisms;

The game is supposed to be 10-15 hours game time maybe it's because I play RTS games, but I completed it all in about 3 hours with about 50% of the golden skulls and the extra area completed and I'm sure this was the same for other even moderately experienced RTS players.

Some of the tactics lay down slightly to luck due to the lack of information of the travelling circles and then on top of that enemy ranged attacks beyond the movement circles, as compared to most rts' of this type with square blocks where you can clearly see what can move where and shoot where, however it's obviously one of the main features of the game and still very enjoyable apart from its flaws. Some added information for the next game for ranged attacks would be nice. Also it makes it quite hard to get nice angled attacks when you are fighting close to any kind of capture square as your unit with keep trying to magnet onto the point, if you are trying to gust a monster or hit something in a certain direction. The circles can also be abused slightly by holding down in a direction and your animation of the unit will carry your attack / haunt / eat / reach a tiny bit further than supposed to be i guess ?

I would have liked more personality to the varying generals armies rather than just the new added unit as you progress through the story line (the monks.) Again to take advanced wars as the example, there was an Air pilot who would spam a lot of jet fighters and go for quick attacks, or a Soldier who would spam a lot of mega tanks, so on and so forth.
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Re: My thoughts on the game, and is there a possible sequel?

Postby 17-BIT Borut » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:52 am

No sequel plans currently, but thanks for the feedback!

We realize different players will have different times, that's just the average we've seen. Although on PC, with more strategy players, I guess it could be shorter (but there's more levels too).

As for the lack of infomation w/ the circles, that's actually part of the style of the gameplay we were going for. It's not meant to be an RTS with the gameplay you describe. Although the difference & reasoning may not come out as much in the single player campaign, if you play much Skulls Online (especially w/time limits), I think you'll start to see why that matters (It's more about making decisions effectively/efficiently, not perfectly). There's actually more discussion of that here:

All the other stuff does sound like great ideas if we ever do get to make a sequel! :)
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