Favourite multiplayer moments

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Favourite multiplayer moments

Postby FadedEchos » Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:17 pm

I'm probably not the only one who is enjoying skulls of the shogun immensely, so there must be some incredible moments or comebacks we've all experienced that we can share. I'll start with one of mine from this afternoon:

Playing a skulls anywhere match with 3 other players, I was unfortunate enough to be stuck between two of them when our 4th quit out at the start. But since it was my very first turn and noone had taken a shot at me I decided to try that Deadly Alliance thing that looks so promising. He accepts, we (Myself as Blue and him as Yellow) proceed to beat on Purple for a turn, and then I notice that Yellow is trying for one of the Crow shrines in the middle. SO instant betrayal, kill that guy, eat his skull, ally with purple etc etc.

None of that is the good part. We're playing on the 4-player map that is a huge cliff with bridges around the outside and two crow shrines in the middle, and my new best friend Purple, after losing most of his units, had moved his shogun onto one of those precarious bridges near a unit-spawner-thingy (Whose name escapes me). Since we had become all buddy buddy the turn before, I could use his spawner to make an infanty, sidle up beside him, and casually push him into the abyss. Good times! Haven't finished the match yet, but things are looking pretty good :)

Moral of the story, and of almost every SotS game I've played? Be careful with your Shogun! (Or only trust FadedEchos as far as you can throw him.)

Now tell us your story!
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Re: Favourite multiplayer moments

Postby GodlessPaladin » Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:58 am

I had an experience at once disappointing and exhilarating against a player named Marnuse.

Joined an XBL match where a guy had 2 hotseat buddies. Apparently, it was all one guy playing, and he immediately went off playing 3v1 with my team sandwiched in the middle of the map (and moving fourth). Cornered, I fortified my position and started forcing the enemy to pay dearly for moving across the narrower straits of the level with KnockBack, and by the end of the match the scoreboard showed 3 kills for red, 6 kills for blue, 0 for yellow, and a whopping *40* for purple (me). The guy stacked the match completely and still lost horribly due to thinking his sheer number and resource advantage could overcome terrain and knockback hazards for a quick win. The worst part is that when he realized he had no chance left to win, he ragequit.

So yeah. Utterly destroyed an extraordinarily dishonorable player despite his abuses. But it's disappointing that I've only seen a few players on Skulls Online, and that one of them had such disgraceful behavior. :?
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