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PS4 Emblem Bug? And "???"-Emblem

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:47 am
by Mikomi93
Hey there, I really like the game and the collectable emblems, but there was something weird I noticed when playing online. All other players were lvl 1 without any Emblems "equipped" and after I added one off them as a friend I noticed that he was half-way through the campaign (and therefore should be at a higher lvl and have at least some sort of emblem "equipped"). Sooo... is it possible that lvl and emblems are only shown to yourself? That would kinda destroy the purpose of collecting/equipping them.
Also I´ve read that the "???"-Emblem was obtainable by fighting the developers or something like that. Is it still possible to get this emblem on the PS4? I´m kind of a collector, so having that slot empty would bug me quite a bit :P